Traffic Limits

A policeman stops a car and asks the driver as to why he has exceeded the speed limits. The man says that he didn’t and that he had an automatic cruise control. His wife says, “Don’t be silly dear. The car has no cruise control.” The man frowns in anger, “Can’t you keep quiet?” The cop writes out a ticket and notices that the man hadn’t been wearing any Seat belt. When the cop asks as to why he wasn’t wearing it, the man says, “Well I was, but took it off when you stopped me..” “Now dear, you know very well that you never wear your seatbelt.” As the cop writes out a second ticket, the man shouts, “Shut up, you silly women.” The officer enquires, “Does your husband always shout like this?” “OH NO!” replies the women, “….Only when he’s been drinking.”

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