Short and Crisp


When TITANIC was sinking, a man asked Sardarji, as to how far was LAND...?
Sardar : 2kms....
The man jumped into the sea & asked, " Which way?"
Sardar : DOWNWARDS. . . !!


A friend to sardar,

Friend : I tried your number so many times, but it said, 'Switched off'
Sardar : No.. Its my dialer tone!



Sardar 1 : Is HARBHAJAN Singh male or female ?
Sardar 2 : Female.
Sardar 1 : How ?
Sardar 2 : Just now a commentator said, "A wonderful delivery by HARBHAJAN


bikari : 50 paise de de ,maine 3 din se khana nahi khaya baba

marvadi : 50 paise nahi 5 rupaye dunga,pehle yeh bata 50 paise mein khana kaha milta hai..."?



I've been arrested for being the ugliest person in Britain, can you come down the police station and show them it's a mistake?

Hi i am dying to see u,
i want to talk to you seriously,
but I can't get to you,
This stupid gatekeeper is asking me for a ticket to enter the zoo!

Hey can u do me a favour?
take a pic of yourself and send it to me.
i'm playin cards and i'm missin the joker!!

Rain makes all things beautiful.The grass & flowers are few of them. If rain makes all things beautiful why doesn’t it rain on you?


Sometimes in life you get messages which you don't understand as to why they were sent or why the hell are you reading them. This is just one of them !

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